SpyBabes Volume 1

Volume #1 DVD

now available at yourchoice.nl!

About SpyBabes

Horny and at home on a warm summer's day. What are lonely oversexed women going to do? Playing with themselves doesn't always hit the spot. What they really need is a damn good shag! Some women don't wish to control their urges and want to take control of the situation and document their sexual conquests: So they secretly set up cameras, invite that tradesman round they fancy and try to fuck him. The hidden cams film all the juicy action in stunning high definition. This may have been happening for a long time, but now Your Choice has found these Spy Babes who are willing to share their private videos of sexual conquests with the world. Look out fellows! You might be next!

You can order your copy of the SpyBabes Volume #1 DVD directly at the Your Choice webshop. Customers from the United Kingdom please use our UK Webshop for your purchase.

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